Buyer Services

The American Dream. Owning your own business. Being your own boss. This vision can lead to an premature decisions, often without proper knowledge of the buying process, and without properly evaluating the opportunities. Contact one of our Florida Business Broker’s today so we can help you understand the Buying process.

It is important that you understand the services offered by professional Business Brokers. While all of these services are not required, understand that they are available to you.

Buyer Analysis: Goals and Objectives

Being a relationship-based firm, our Business Brokers truly want to get to know and understand our clients. After deciding that moving forward with the purchase of a business is the direction you wish to go, it is important that we perform a Buyer Analysis based on your wants and needs. Our team will evaluate your experience, education, and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. We will also help to pre-qualify you based on your financial picture, and help determine the range of business you may qualify to purchase.

Business Search & Qualification

Based on the evaluation of the Buyer and his/her wants and needs, our team of Business Brokers will use our resources to search business listed for sale that meet the criteria of the Buyer. You will be presented with currently marketed (and even non-marketed) businesses that are available to both the public and privately. Our Brokers will do an initial screening of the businesses and eliminate any opportunities that pose ‘red flags’ or threats based on our expertise. We will help you sort through the businesses to narrow down the search.

Initial Screening Diligence & Information Gathering

Our Brokers will perform initial screening in business search results based on the criteria provided to us by our clients. Our Brokers are trained to search for ‘red flags’, or specific pieces of information that we do not feel will best serve the purposes of our clients. We will ask questions to the Sellers of our business listings, or if the listing is not ours, we will ask questions to outside Brokers. We will work diligently to provide our clients with all requested information and more to provide the best opportunity for evaluate each prospect business.

Assist in Preparation of Contracts

Our Brokers will walk you through every piece of language and content that make up the paperwork required to complete the purchase or sale of a Florida business. It is important that all of our clients have an understanding of each document’s purpose, and that a certain level of comfort is obtained through an educational approach to all paperwork involved in the process.

Offer Negotiation Assistance

At the end of the day, it is YOUR decision when it comes to the negotiation of the final sales price of a business. However, we make sure to offer our advice regarding these matters based on our professional opinions of a fair offering price, that also offers you the best terms. Acting as transaction brokers, we are required to deal honestly and fairly, and use skill, care, and diligence to ‘work the deal’. This level of integrity helps to create a level of trust between the parties that is typically appreciated by Sellers as well.

Ensure a Smooth Ownership Transfer and Remain Available Post-Closing

Getting to the closing table and executing the paperwork for a transfer is not where our job stops. Our Brokers take pride in being readily available even after ownership transfer to make sure to offer assistance in whatever areas are requested to the best of our abilities. Most of our business is repeat clients, and this would only happen from positive past experiences. Reputation is everything- and our Brokers aren’t just after the commission, they are after building relationships with our clients.

Ensure Confidentiality

Confidentiality is at the forefront of everything we do, on both sides of the transaction.

But most importantly, our experienced Florida Business Brokers will hold your hand and guide you through each and every step of the process to help buy a business and offer our Buyer Services. Click here for a list of steps that our Brokers take to effectively help you Buy a Business.