What is My Business Worth (Step 1)?

A Broker Opinion of Value (BOV), also referred to a Broker Price Opinion (BPO), is an assessment of value that is typically put together by a Business Broker or Intermediary, on behalf of a company owner and their business. While this valuation is essentially a broker’s “best guess”, it is backed by market variables, comparable sales data, and up-to-date industry knowledge. Combining these data sources with a company’s financial performance, market position, customer base, equipment value, and organizational structure helps support pricing strategy.

While Broker’s can create a BOV as thorough as an appraiser, the guidelines for certified appraisals are much more stringent, including more robust data collection and analysis.  Appraisals are put together by licensed third-party professionals who have no vested interest in working with the subject business they are analyzing.

There is typically no cost for a BOV, and if a client is not ready to list their business for sale, the BOV provides integral information that should help a business owner plan for a future exit; including identifying ways to increase value.

Start your BOV below by entering information about your business in our 2-Step Process.  One of our Intermediaries will reach out shortly after your submission.

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